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Get to know Divine Interiors.

Your Scandinavian Interior Designer in Queenstown.

Wooden Bed

Our Story.

After years of working experience in Europe,

travels through multiple countries and continents,

finally landing in New Zealand in 2016 and settling for home,

Divine Interiors was first established in 2020,

inspired by an idea of introducing and infusing

European innovation and Scandinavian style design

into New Zealand homes. 

If you are looking for 

an unwavering eye for detail and inspiration drawn from

all over the world to suit your own personal style,

Divine Interiors is here to help you.

Divine Interiors provides expert guidance throughout

the whole design process and doesn’t stop until their clients

are 100% happy with the finished look.

We believe that it is our genuine interest in our clients individual requirements, and our completely client-focused approach in interior design, that sets us apart from others.

Our passion for great interior design, art and

architecture and for creating

beautiful yet functional spaces along with our unique,

personal designs, inspired

by international interiors & design, with a little

twist of soft and simplistic Scandinavian touch,

are just some of the many reasons why to get in touch with us

to find out what we can do for you to help you

bring your visions and design projects

into reality!

And please remember! - There is no project too big or too small

for us at Divine Interiors, so don't hesitate to get in touch

with us today for whatever it is that you need help with

to make your house feel like home

and your space sparkle

like a diamond.

Our Vision.

To Create
Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Homes. 

Living in a healthy, happy home is our fundamental right

we should never have to compromise on. 

The same goes for the comfort and quality of living,

which includes the living and building standards of our

homes and work places,

and the spaces we use for our free time and leisure. 

We all deserve a warm and well insulated home,

with clean, fresh air to breath.

We all deserve a home where we are comfortable

living our lives to the fullest.

All year round!


Our home should be our sanctuary we are always

happy to return to. A happy place where we spend quality time with ourselves and with our loved ones.

Our home should be that calm and harmonious space where our body and mind can rest and relax, where we can be at peace

and find Zen with ourselves and our surroundings

in the chaos of our everyday life.

As all of the above should be available for everyone,

we at Divine Interiors, want to make sure that

our services

- helping you to create that healthy happy space -

are available for all and everyone.

We believe that to have a beautiful and harmonious home

does not have to cost you a fortune and

therefore we can tailor our services

to fit every wallet, budget and

project - any size.

Along with health, happiness and harmony,

comes long lasting, sustainable design and

spaces created in respect with nature,

environment and the Earth we live in.

We want to ensure all of our projects are designed using sustainable principles and brought together in most environmentally friendly way possible, with the smallest possible impact on nature and the environment.


White Room
Interior Design

Our Mission.

To make you fall in love

with your space

again and again, every day,

in every way.

Building your own beautiful home should be an enjoyable and exciting journey, but oftentimes the reality turns out to be everything else but.

That is why we are here to help you making this mission

as smooth n' easy, stressless and effortless as

only possible for you,

from the get-go, 'till finish! 


We understand the challenges of our everyday life and

know from our own personal experience,

that the normal working hours do not always serve everyone

We want to be flexible and available for all,

hence we decided to work our way around your timetable and made online bookings available for our clients,

so that you can pick the time that best suits your daily schedule. 

We are open for appointments outside the normal

working hours*, also. 


We prefer NZ made products and always support  our

local providers as far as we can.

The materials used in our designs are sourced from trusted suppliers only, renown of the quality, the origin and the ethnicity of their products. 

We up,- and recycle furniture, products and materials where possible and always make sure that what ever we do, we do it with as minimal impact to the nature as only possible.  

Sustainable design increases happiness now,

and continues to do it for our

future generation, too!

Operating mainly on the road and from our home studios

makes us more flexible, available and

more affordable for you!

Our D-Factor.

The Divine Elements.

We believe that functionality is everything.

Why invest in aesthetics and create beautiful spaces,

if they do not serve the purpose or meet your

individual needs and living requirements?

We focus on functional spaces that make our everyday life

just a little bit easier - and more divine.

We create spaces that inspire and impress,

 where every little detail is carefully thought through.

We set ourselves into our clients

shoes and dive deep into the heart of the project and

then view it from inside out.

We believe that certain elements in your home are essential for healthy and happy living, and this is why we try and introduce

and implement those elements into

every home and every space. 

We create homes for the future,

never compromising on

quality, sustainability, comfort and functionality.

Minimal Design Apartment
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